Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time to stop and reflect on what we are grateful for no matter the circumstances. We are fortunate to have so many blessings whether we are working in a job, or looking for that next opportunity. Much too often we find ourselves wishing for what we don't have.If we are working, we are wishing for more timeoff. If in job transition, we are wishing we had less time and were busier. We let the stress of the moment pass us by never to see or experience it again.

The reality is we are not in control. We think we are, but one of the toughest challenges in life is to “surrender” and “trust” in God’s plan for us. By "letting go" of the need to control our situations, we allow our life's outcomes to happen naturally; reducing stress and living the moment.

I like to think about this phrase I read many years ago; it changed my mindset.

Reaction to Stress:
“It is NOT people and events that create your stress. Stress is created only by your own reaction and response to people and events. Therefore, stress begins in your mind” Anonymous

I encourage you this Thanksgiving season to eliminate any stress by enjoying thepresent momentwith family & friends, and embrace thegiftswe are given. In keeping with the Thanksgiving spirit, find many reasons to be thankful and find different ways to express it to others.

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S.Have some fun around the dinner table and try this amusing activity:

See how many words you can extract out of the word "Thanksgiving!”