How do you maximize your ability to perform during an executive job search?

How do you maximize your ability to perform during an executive job search?

Have we ever thought about how the outside world perceives us when they first meet us?  The communication study done on Effectiveness of Spoken Communication by Albert Mehrabian assesses us by evaluating:

• the words we choose, our “verbal” language
• the intonation and clarification in our tone, our “vocal” voice
• and our body language, our “visual” appearance

How we show up for a networking meeting, or better yet a job interview is critical for a successful job search. We all know we need to be polite and professional, but how is our appearance and energy being portrayed by others.

We also know we need to dress appropriately for a networking meeting and a job interview, but what are we doing to practice mental alertness, active-listening skills, and staying focused.

Other thoughts re: our conversations: Are we choosing our words wisely? Are we talking too fast? What is the tone in our voice?  People can “hear” smiles so are we leaving a positive impression?

A gentleman looking for his next position drank 9 cups of caffeinated coffee throughout the day.  His hands were always waving and his head was always bopping around when meeting together.  How do you think an HR Director will perceive that individual during an interview?

I had another client looking for a senior role who always had dark brown circles under his eyes.  He was always looking exhausted when he showed up for our meetings.  How do you think an employer is going to react if you already look fatigued before starting your new job?

I had a female executive who always looked pale, appeared annoyed, and never smiled.  What employer wants to hire a disgruntled, angry person for their team?
Balancing these fundamentals in your daily life will not only kick start your motivation but it will be clear to others that you are taking care of yourself and are ready for the next challenge.  Follow my blog for a new series on health and wellness and how it pertains to an executive job search."

Over the next few weeks we are going to address the fundamentals of good health, improved nutrition, and type of fuel you need to enhance your overall performance during a job search.