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Five Career Killers and How to Recover

By Clark Jenkins

There are many ways that we can derail our careers. Keeping our focus and doing the simple things right helps to keep us in line with the goals and values of our company. However, we often lose sight of this with our day-to-day routine.

Avoid these 5 common career-killing mistakes and keep yourself moving up the organizational ladder.

  • Failing to have a plan - Having a roadmap to your own success is a vital step in your career. Not only will it serve as a reminder to keep you on task by eliminating distractions with your work but it will breed happiness in your personal life as well. However, this is often the most overlooked part of one's career. Make sure that you don't allow yourself to get wrapped up with the daily tasks and the 100's of emails you "have." Remember to sit down and evaluate the bigger picture. Set reasonable and measurable short-term goals to keep you motivated and moving in a positive direction.
  • Staying Current - As clich� as it may be, the one thing that you can always count on is that there will always be change. No matter what your role is or what your skill set may be, it is imperative that you...(Read entire article HERE)
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