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Executive Career Coaching

Helping you think more strategically and act more tactically during a job search.


"Barb has a great appreciation and understanding for the Twin Cities labor market. Her network can make great things happen for her clients."

Executive Director/CEO
Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership, WMEP
"Being part of Barb’s network is like being part of a special club!"
Client Management Executive
Distribution Alternatives, Inc.
Lino Lakes, MN
" Barb provides an uplifting and endless supply of positive energy that is helpful in re-framing your point of view, and refocusing your efforts to be more strategic."
Brigadier General
Minnesota National Guard
"Barb helped me with negotiating skills to realize a higher salary and other benefits for a higher compensation package in my new role."
CFO and Treasurer
APi Group, Inc.
"Barb was a tremendous coach in a period of transition. She approached my search with both strategic and tactical insight - supporting and challenging me along the way.”
Stylmark, Inc.
“Barbara achieves success with a warm smile combined with a laser like focus. Having Barbara in your career corner is a big plus!”
The Courage Group, Inc.
“Barb’s impeccable character, keen insight, and executive coaching experience enables her to quickly develop a client-focused action plan that generates results.”
Marketing Ventures, Inc.
"Barb truly understands the marketplace and uses that knowledge to help her clients build and manage positive relationships with all career stakeholders."
Chandler Group Executive Search
"Barb’s strategic focus, contagious energy, positive attitude and dedication to the success of her clients are innate gifts which empower others to achieve success through her coaching."
Business Project Manager
"When my knees get wobbly, Barb has been there as a true wing woman understanding the uncertainty of it all and courageously asking more of me."
Speaker & Author
"Barb is very outcomes-based in how she partners with her executive clients and displays great empathy, understanding and commitment to their success."
Right Management
Vice President, Strategic Business Development Consultant
"Barb’s counsel and insight have yielded tangible dividends.  I navigated the recruitment process with a more strategic approach and the results were successful within six months."
North Memorial Medical Center
Director of Diagnostics

Executive Career Coaching

Here at Executive Coaching Insight, our role is to:

  • Focus on executive talent and assess your plan for staying career resilient.
  • Ensure you have purpose and meaning in your career.
  • Confirm your values align up with your next employer.

Our team of Consultants work through group facilitation, webinars, and one-on-one with executives who have maximized what they can do in their current role and want to move up or out.

We address the need of executives in job transition and those looking for a change by creating a clear career path and building a roadmap to help you determine the direction of your career. Using cutting-edge leadership insight, we zero in on the five key areas that will help you build your job-search strategy.

You get to make the choice. You can meet in person, virtually in the comforts of your own surroundings, or a combination of both. Our clients are based throughout the US.

The Launch


  • Working through the change & transition helping you view yourself as a business partner seeking a new alliance with a new employer.


  • Better understand the power of your Brand.
  • How to stand out better and differently than everyone else.

The Discovery Phase


  • Identify your strengths & values to develop and work a strategy that fits your career and life.
  • Creating a blue-print for writing a better resume & a foundation to prepare you for behavioral and competency-based interviewing.


  • Create a branding document that will get you noticed.
  • Create a WOW factor by developing result-driven, action-oriented accomplishment statements for your marketing brochure.


  • Establish powerful online profiles by getting visible and making the most of your online profile space.

The Search Process


  • Helping you overcome the number 1 outstanding flaw executives experience in transition: Not appearing focused.
  • Develop a Marketing Plan to identify industries and targeted companies so you have clear direction and are taking a proactive, targeted approach to the marketplace.


  • How to communicate with members of the recruiting community and demonstrate how to work effectively with a Recruiter.
  • Provide introductions and help connect you to Recruiters

Taking Your Strengths to the Marketplace


  • Learn etiquette and tips for cultivating valuable connections and building a pipeline of networking contacts.
  • Help you understand how effective networking can ensure professional and personal success.

Interviewing and Negotiating


  • Conduct competency-based interviewing to help prepare you when meeting with Recruiters/Employers who calibrate candidates against a position’s critical competencies.
  • Conduct value-based interviewing to ensure your values align up with the organization and the “fit” is 100%.
  • Helping you turn your age into an advantage. 


  • Help you with understanding the core components of effective job negotiations.
  • Knowing what you are worth in the marketplace and identifying critical components of executive compensation.