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Six Reasons To Use Leadership Consulting

By Clark Jenkins

Honest and direct feedback helps executives and leaders take their skills - and performance - to the next level. Every organization has high" potential, valued employees who have been successful as individual contributors, but who fail when advanced to leadership roles. They are failing because we, as organizations, don't prepare them for leadership. Coaching helps them build on their years of experience and success, but also adds significant insights and skills to their business arsenal that allow them to lead at the highest level.

  • It Starts At The Top " - For any leadership consulting program to be successful, an organization must have buy-in from the leadership team. These leaders must be willing to accept criticism and direction and then apply what they've learned. These discussions are typically received more favorably when they are had with a third-party consulting firm than with a direct report within the organization. In order for any positive change to take place within the team, the leader must show by example and live the company core values. Without it, the result will always shift back to the problematic issue.
  • Management and Leadership Development - " Accountability and personal responsibility go beyond...READ ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE
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