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"Barb has a great appreciation and understanding for the Twin Cities labor market. Her network can make great things happen for her clients."

Executive Director/CEO
Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership, WMEP
"Being part of Barb’s network is like being part of a special club!"
Client Management Executive
Distribution Alternatives, Inc.
Lino Lakes, MN
" Barb provides an uplifting and endless supply of positive energy that is helpful in re-framing your point of view, and refocusing your efforts to be more strategic."
Brigadier General
Minnesota National Guard
"Barb helped me with negotiating skills to realize a higher salary and other benefits for a higher compensation package in my new role."
CFO and Treasurer
APi Group, Inc.
"Barb was a tremendous coach in a period of transition. She approached my search with both strategic and tactical insight - supporting and challenging me along the way.”
Stylmark, Inc.
“Barbara achieves success with a warm smile combined with a laser like focus. Having Barbara in your career corner is a big plus!”
The Courage Group, Inc.
“Barb’s impeccable character, keen insight, and executive coaching experience enables her to quickly develop a client-focused action plan that generates results.”
Marketing Ventures, Inc.
"Barb truly understands the marketplace and uses that knowledge to help her clients build and manage positive relationships with all career stakeholders."
Chandler Group Executive Search
"Barb’s strategic focus, contagious energy, positive attitude and dedication to the success of her clients are innate gifts which empower others to achieve success through her coaching."
Business Project Manager
"When my knees get wobbly, Barb has been there as a true wing woman understanding the uncertainty of it all and courageously asking more of me."
Speaker & Author
"Barb is very outcomes-based in how she partners with her executive clients and displays great empathy, understanding and commitment to their success."
Right Management
Vice President, Strategic Business Development Consultant
"Barb’s counsel and insight have yielded tangible dividends.  I navigated the recruitment process with a more strategic approach and the results were successful within six months."
North Memorial Medical Center
Director of Diagnostics

Executive Coaching

Building Trust Through Mutual Respect

We want to be heard. We also want and deserve respect. Managers can show respect for their employees by asking for their opinion as a way of engaging them in the process of finding the "right answer." This is a great way to build and sustain trust among employees.

The Crisis of Conflict at the Executive Level

Conflict is part of everyday work life yet most of us learned how to first manage it based on our family of origin; was it avoided, harmful or was it constructive? Most of us did not take a college course in managing conflict. In our early years in the world of work, we manage conflict based on our upbringing.

Live to Lead - October 9

Live2Lead is a half-day, leadership development experience in Eden Prairie, MN designed to equip you with new perspectives, practical tools and key takeaways. You will learn from world-class leadership experts, be prepared to implement a new action plan, and start leading with renewed passion and commitment. REGISTER HERE Our Presenters: John C.

6 Tips for Writing a Better Resume

Most job seekers approach writing a resume, and their job search strategy, the wrong way. They begin by listing their job chronology as their resume, including just about everything they have done in their jobs such as experience that isn't really relevant to the position they are seeking. They then start sending out a resume that does not show why they are qualified for that position and isn't in a format that enables the recruiter to quickly understand what they bring to that position and to t...

Culture - Is it as Important as They Say?

The buzzword "culture" continues to be a hot topic of discussion. We hear often from clients who have the desire to objectively measure and shift their company culture. So, what is the big deal anyway?

RESILIENCE: A Minute With John Maxwell

We all want to be able to come back after a setback. Take a minute with John Maxwell.

ACTION: A Minute With John Maxwell

There are two types of people: those who say "I need to feel good before I do something", and those who say "I need to do something to feel good." Take a minute with John Maxwell.

OPPORTUNITY: A Minute With John Maxwell

Often when we see someone who is successful, we say "That person has been blessed with so many opportunities." Is that really true? Take a minute with John Maxwell.